Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Drive to Georgia - Part II

I promised more pictures of our drive to Georgia, so here you go!
The kids crashed before we even got to Barstow.
But woke up right when we stopped for...
It was YUMMY! I will definitely be missing that.
Who knew Utah was SO beautiful? I know - I should get out more.
Chris - irritated that I am making him stop for a picture. He was so excited to ride Moab.
We stayed the night at my sister's house in Colorado. It was so fun seeing her whole family. This picture says it all - Dylan irritating Penelope (his cousin) by messing up her hair.
Last picture right before we left. (Thor was at work.) We had a great time. It was too short of a stay. (But if you ask her the answer might be different - LOL!)
We stopped at DQ (in some random state - not sure where we were) to use the facilities and decided get an Oreo Blizzard to share on the road. This is the end result with Dylan. Can someone tell me HOW he got it in so many places?
Look at how beautiful the side "wall" of the freeway is in Tennessee.
We took a small detour to drive up to Ruby Falls (TN) and this is the view. You are looking out at Georgia. So pretty.
It was a fun trip. We got here safely and made some great memories!

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