Saturday, January 1, 2011

Dylan's Quotable Comments...

Sometimes things are too cute NOT to write down:

When asked if he was crying, he replied "No, my eyes are just sweating." 02/12
"Coo coo la da vesa" for loco in la cabeza
"Thinger" for finger
"Sponserability" for responsibility
"Terrorates" for irritates
"33 Kinds" for 31 Flavors
"Twi-condo" for Taekwondo
"Sistee" what he calls Payton
"Where do the Packets live" meaning Green Bay Packers
"Avocado" for Colorado - 01/10
"shuttles" for shoulders - 10/09
"Are you thinking what my heart is thinking" - 08/28/09
"U-huh is Spanish for yes." - 03/10/09
"You need to have a mousandbabies." (as in a million and a thousand combined)
"Does God have a heart?", "Does Jesus live in it?" - 02/08/09
"That just cracks my heart." - when he was told Ava moved from her house with the "cool" pool.
Dylan to Daddy "This conversation is over!" (with the hand movements)
Uncle Todd - "Dylan, this is not a negotiation." - Dylan - "I am turning it into a negociation"

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