Sunday, June 28, 2015

Mean Mom's Guide To Raising Great Kids {book review}

Joanne Kraft came and spoke at my mom2mom group a couple of months ago, and I thoroughly enjoyed listening to her. Maybe it was because she had moved from California to Franklin, TN four years ago, or maybe it was the funny stories she told, or maybe it was because she reminded me that I NEED to be a mean mom at times with my children. By the way, a mean mom, isn't the mom that you will call Child Protective Services on, it's the mom who's kids say to her, "Mom, your so mean!" because she is setting boundaries and upholding the rules.
I bought both her books and started with The Mean Moms Guide to Raising Great Kids. One chapter into it I realized that I would be re-reading this, highlighting and underlining a bunch of things that I want to remember and put into practice. It is full of practical advise and biblical wisdom. She gives insight from her personal experiences and also includes stories from other mean moms as well.
I liked this book so much that I'm joining a book study on it next month! I give it 5 stars!
Her other book is Just Too Busy: Taking your Family on a Radical Sabbatical which I will be starting soon!
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