Saturday, January 13, 2018

A God Story

So you know how you can look back on a situation and are blown away by how God protected and provided in amazing ways?  Well we had one of those today...
We woke up and headed to Florida.  We are spending the night at Chris' cousin's house in Jacksonville for the night, and it was a long boring drive.
About 15 minutes away {8pm} from her house we were switching highways/freeways {you know, the sharp almost circle turns?} when we heard a weird sound on the car.  At first I thought we had a flat, but when we got on the straight away the sound stopped. So we drove on.  A couple minutes later we were supposed to take a flyover/overpass to another freeway when Chris accidentally got in the wrong lane and we ended up exiting the freeway.  As we slowed down, the sound came back, the car locked up and we were at a stand still.  We had a flat BUT the car wouldn't drive forward at all...even with the flat.
We called Chris' cousin, Rene {who's house was only 10 minutes away, and she is a retired cop!} and told her where we were at.  She said to lock the doors {we weren't in a safe area} and she was on her way.  I called AAA signed up to become a member {we hadn't renewed our membership} and they sent a tow truck out.  Because I mentioned we had 3 kids and we weren't in a safe area the tow truck driver showed up with 20 minutes!  There weren't any lights around so he towed us to a gas station to just look at the problem.  The kids and I drove with Rene and we followed the tow truck.
They pulled the flat tire off and discovered that a bolt from the brake pad had backed itself out and the break pad was falling forward {which wouldn't let us drive forward}.  Praise GOD it's an easy fix, because we were thinking the car was toast!  Chris got on the phone and found an auto parts store that was open and had the bolt.  He told them his wife was coming and to sell me a wrench for it as well. We made it to the auto parts store 4 minutes before it closed, got the bolt and wrench and headed back to the gas station.
The tow truck guy hung around while Chris replaced the bolt and put our FULL SIZE spare on!
We got in the car and drove away.  Now granted, we got to Rene's late, and maybe got a few more grey hairs, but MAN GOD IS GOOD y'all {and yes, this NEEDS a y'all}!

Yes, we will need a new tire {we will actually have to replace all of them - boo!} but are SO thankful for how God protected us....
・We COULD have been far away from Rene's house.
We COULD have been flying down the freeway at 80 mph and probably would have flipped the car.
Chris had mistakenly gotten off the freeway so we were on a street instead of a major overpass.
AAA got there within 20 minutes. 
God protected us in an unsafe neighborhood.
The guy COULD have just towed us to a shop and dropped us off, instead he towed us to a well lit gas station where he let Chris figured out the problem.
An auto parts place was open, had the bolt we needed and we got there 4 minutes before it closed.
・The bolt backed itself out {which is bizarre} instead of breaking off which would have required someone drilling it out.
・We had a full size spare so we can drive back home on it.
AND Chris was able to fix it quickly!
I am so grateful for God's protection for us tonight!!!

Week #2 {2018} Back in School {sorta}

Sunday after church it was FREEZING, so Chris put on a fire and I read this pretty much most of the day, and finished it in the evening.  I LOVE Denise Hunter books!  A few days ago, Payton and I found a Hallmark Channel Movie that was made from her December Bride novella.  It was cute!
 Monday After THREE WEEKS off for Christmas Break, it was finally time to get back into the swing of things...of waking up early and getting the kiddos to school.  It was great though, because we got to see SEVEN deer on our way to school.  They just stopped and stared at us {usually they dart away!}. 
I guess all the animals are out on the rainy day because we had seven {again!} beautiful Cardinals in our front yard.  They were too far a way for a picture, but a little later this handsome fella was in our back yard.  They are absolutely stunning animals!
That evening Payton had her 4-H Speaking Competition.  She was a little nervous...
But did awesome.  By the way, when did she turn into a teenager?
Gigi brought her flower to congratulate her on a job well done.
 Tuesday morning, I was trying to read my Bible, when my 75+ pound baby came and got in my lap.
He is SUCH a puppy!
Auntie D sent Ry a huge box of Bubble Tape! They love blowing bubbles together over FaceTime!
My Thursday morning quiet time was interrupted again by my sweet tiny lap dog.  Ha!
Then we found out school was cancelled for tomorrow! Remember they cancelled all of last week for the flu???
Friday we headed out early for our vacation.
Saturday we had an amazing God story happen.
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Friday, January 12, 2018

Heading South

We are going out of town this weekend and with school being cancelled and the anticipated ice/snow/freezing rain, we decided to leave early and hopefully beat the storm!  We loaded up the car.
Dropped Bombi off at Boarding School (as Payton calls it).
 And headed South to Alabama!
We got to the hotel and just hung out (I got some work done too!).
Dylan and I went to the gym.  He was cracking me up because he would go one one machine for 30 seconds then jump to another one.
Got some snuggle time with this girl!